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wierd dreams, per usual [30 Jun 2009|10:09am]
I had a strange dream last night.

At first I was visiting Dad. I remember a lot of people being there. People from my past I've known, mostly classmates. I remember Kenan, Lauren, the ones that stuck out.

Then, it was like there was this bar/restaraunt attatched to the house. Dad had a huge mansion in my dream and it was the setting for everything. I guess that means I felt protected or something.

If I had to describe it, the first floor when you walk in reminds me of a Red Lobster with the bait and tackle look, but then theres hardwood floors a few feet away that leads to a hallway to a door outside and one door straight ahead to an office with a billiard table and that coocooclock he has. Past that I think are the bedrooms. There's also an upstairs somewhere that shows up later.

I remember eating at one of the tables with a few people. Not really sure who, but I think it was Niffer and some adults.

Later I was with Jen on a sleeper sofa (those who dont know, the AC went out so we slept on one for a week), and we had one of the toys hiding in it. Easily the worst part of the dream as Mom demanded to know what it was so I ended up telling Aunt Candy instead in secrecy. Just shows what lengths I'll go to to not be judged by my mother every waking minute for my life and beliefs.

Even later, possibly as the result of said things or just my state of mind, I found a bottle of what my brain imagined as: Schnapps Vodka. >.>??? Also, according to my brain, drinking slightly over 1/3rd the bottle will make you very very drunk. In my case, a violent one. I think Jen and I had a fight and I do remember looking everywhere for her. I mean I searched the mansion wasted top to bottom trying to find her asking other kids if theyd seen her. I forgot to mention from the time the alchohol showed up, a house party had exploded. The house was a different monster, you know? I remember sharing that bottle with Kenan and NaR.

The last part of my dream, whether I found Jen or not, was some kids getting turned into statuettes. Kinda like in return to oz, except not ornaments, just stone objects of what they're strongest material desire was. I remember Pirro turning into some kind of musical instrument <-- I know this came from my RPG Maker game, as I was asking Jesse to help me with it yesterday. On that same note, I remember my Cold CDs on a bookshelf. I had showed them to Jesse to burn them yesterday too.

All in all, the only thing missing was drugs. Sex, Alchohol, and rocknroll accounted for.

I went to Dad's a week ago for Vacation, too. I dont think I mentioned that here in detail. I'll write about it when I'm less busy.
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[08 Jun 2009|11:26am]
I hate the dreams where I dream we're friends again. It reminds me that there is a demon inside, trying to escape. I also saw my uncle steve there, presumably in place of her father, since they both drink.

In lighter news, just two things:
*Ellsan makes the best Grand Wizard ever. I was very pleased he could do the deep South accent so well.
*At least in Japan, there will be a Pokeball pedometer with Gold and Silver. It seems to work like the Pikachu GS.

Oh, I've been writing. Little drabbles here and there for each book, mostly around Ellsan, though there was one with S.W.

I am appalled at my characterization which is usually where I excel. I've realized Ive made placeholder characters and have been filling them in.

My SVU sets should get here tomorrow, don't expect to see my for a few days. OZ should be with them, so I may take some time out to write my SVU/OZ crossover, featuring Ellsan with at least 2 personalities, maybe more if I bother to add them. Jen wants me to add the flaming personality from Fear and Loathing; I considered adding Chris himself as one, but I dont want to complicate it moreso than it is. Hard to believe he was acting on both shows at once. Imagine playing a rapist one day and catching them the next.

I'm planning to watch I Love Lucy until 12, then Jon and Kate, then SVU and more SVU. Yay.

I haven't felt well for the past few days...
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Why do all my dreams involve sex and drinking? [05 Jun 2009|10:58am]
I had another wierd dream.. wish I knew what they meant. At first, it was just Angel and I getting laid (I think there was a third person, probably Ellsan), Nar was helping us find time alone. We were at my grandma's house, I guess a long time after she'd died. Their basement led to a sewer and their master bedroom was a kitchen, while the livingroom was surrounded by a bathroom and what seemed like a giant pantry. So those 3 doors plus a door to outside are cut off. There's a lot of other people there, like we survived something which is why I say end of the world. Either that or a freaked out reality show. Nonetheless, when Angel and I more or less succeeded, we wandered around the property with Nar and a few others. At first we went outside and found the ferry; we decided to see where it was going, and somewhere along the way we decided to jump off in case it wasnt going anywhere so we were all seperated into two lines with lifejackets on. I remember being scared, but remember being told that if I didnt get on and it did go somewhere, Id be left behind. We jumped in the water and I helped almost beat the other team back to shore. It was fun, I remember saying, "I havent played in the water in such a long time." After that, we went back inside the house, unlocked the doors and looked around. We arrived at what was the kitchen in my dream and I found something called Scotch Butter. It sounded like it was body butter, but when I decided to drink it it tasted like watered down scotch, apparently. No burn whatsoever, what a disappointment. I found a blue beaded necklace I apparently used to wear, and when we moved to a nearby closet I found a large quilted balloon I apparently used to beg grandma to inflate so I could play with it, it had lots of characters and stuff on it. I really don't remember much after that...
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[29 May 2009|01:18pm]
I know I haven't written in such a long time. Since the Hurricane I think. No, since the concert, right? I guess I've been distracted.

The concert... was the most fucking awesome thing, aside Angelchan. The band of duckbutts before them had a CD out, so Angel got it signed. It was cool, the lead singer did the back up vocals on one of Cold's songs.. I think it was Suffocate, IIRC. I surprised the band with my 7" vinyl of Give. It was so cool seeing Jeremy and Sam and Scooter and everybody. I got 2 shirts for Scooter's new band, The Killer and the Star. I gave Scooter a drawing of S.W. which he seemed to really like because he smiled and gave me a hug. He was cushy for such a skinny guy. But I can say I will never forget what that felt like. ^_^ It makes me all giddy inside.

I'll just talk about lately.

We went to see Angels and Demons and it was fucking awesome, as I expected, having read the book in high school and loved it, thinking it more as a form of entertainment than hype, like most people. -.-; It was wierd, Angel told me, "You're not spiritual. Spiritual people are assholes." So I had to think about it, but she told me, "You're not spiritual, you're just a good Christian. You are what Christians are supposed to be; You don't impose your view on others, you're a kind person." So I felt a little flattered; it made me sound perfect, but even she knows I'm not perfect. We picked up some manga, we've been reading Dorothy of OZ, After School Nightmare, and Ghosttalkers Daydream. We were going to go by Pei Wei, but there stove was being fixed. Somehow by the end of the entire day we decided to pick up the entire series of OZ from Amazon.com... ><; Oh, right, we decided Ell-san's plot was cool. Now, we're terrified.

Yesterday we went to see Star Trek. It was great even for people who don't know the series or anything. I like Spock; hes emo and cool. Angel, on the other hand, only went to see Simon Pegg. X.X We had to walk all the way around the outside of the mall in the dark because we just had to park and go through one of the clothing shops. We also brought back one of Nickelback's older CDs (which I got for Leader of Men) and Angel got Eminem's Marshall Matters LP (Kill You, woo). I won her a valentine cupid carebear at the arcade cuz I am teh awesome, and I also picked up Writer's Digest. I get so depressed looking at the book stores, trying to find something. Nothing really interests me, and when I think of the authors in the thriller section.. or if there is some sort of drama fiction section I dont know about, then I get discouraged. They are either big names or people who have written at least ten books. Angel says I shouldn't be sad, that I should just keep writing, get my writing published somehow, and then see what sticks. She said, "Maybe you'll get a cult following." and thats really all I want. ^_^

Thanks to a multitude of hormones its been crazy at home. Angel decided I have to write The Official Unofficial PR0n book to my novels, with her 4-koma stick figure stuff in the back (cuter than I make it sound).

Admist searching for an image of Ell-san's cubist crucifix tattoo, I decided to read his usual Q&A, which he jokingly supported EllsanxMunch; Angel was thrilled. Also, way to go Ellsan, on that death in the blaze of glory you want. I hope if they do kill you off this Tuesday or any other whatever day they've changed SVU to air, they'll go at it your way. I was actually shocked reading the summary, as it is a Munch centered sounding episode, which rocks, and not even that is the best part. His ex wife who appeared back on the sister series in 97 is back. Now, why can't the Evangelion actors be so kind?

And the worst news ever. Blue Sphere is being remade, comes out in Japan in a few days.... on mobile phones. I'm making an Elphy decree: "Square Enix likes to say fuck you to their fans." Angel read that on some site, and I fucking agree. You fuckers suck. Now, release it seperate on a NON NINTENDO console, because if we all know here that if there is one company that sucks more than Square Enix, its Nintendo of AMerica, because they don't like Tales, they don't like Fatal Frame, theyre not gonna like Star Ocean, either! Don't they see that every family more or less owns every Nintendo console as it is, no ones gonna give a shit if every other game in a series is on a Sony one. ><


I wrote the complete summary-draft for End of the World. I'd like to move on to Halloway's Aslyum after, then maybe try to get those published first. I dunno. I really wanted to publish T.P.S.C. first, but I need to completely work everything out.

I'm really tired.

I still need to work on Devil Summoner and Riviera.

I think I'll just watch SVU... Ellsan always cheers me up.

Ah, I just remembered a dream I had awhile back. Me, coughing up blood and laughing because I was dying.

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[16 May 2009|06:11pm]
I've updated my store here:

Updates include:

*Sakura Wars Figure Set
*Wolf's Rain Anime Legends Box Set
*Persona 4 Visual Data Book
*Mulan DVD
*Tehxnolyze SEALED DVD
*Valkyrie Profile Guide
*Monster Rancher DVD
*UFO Catcher Plush

Feedback on:
Ebay (User: katvara) 190+
GameTZ (User: Angel_ShindoW) 50+
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[07 Mar 2009|01:02am]
[ mood | nervous ]

Thanks for the kick ass replies, guys! ;)

I finally found the website and link, the concert is listed as all ages (which is basically 18+) so I'm glad to report Angel, Jesse, and I will be seeing Cold live the weekend after Matsuri.

Legato-- I will give your DVDs back asap; they are safe on my shelf. Also, $15 will easily cover the DVD: pay me whenever; surprises are fun.

I've written so much. The book is finally coming along and I'm rewriting TPSC as well as my other books. It's been tough around home because I'm stuck with mom all week and all she wants to do is clean and install flooring even though the house will be just as crappy a few weeks from now.

I've had a touch of insomnia, my bedtime being 2 AM and getting up at Noon... I'm also nervous about seeing/meeting SW! I'm contemplating a few things: what to talk about if I do talk to the band, possibly giving him a necklace I got, and wondering if I should get a CD signed...


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[05 Mar 2009|11:12pm]
So, Cold is starting their reunion tour this month...

... And holy shit they're gonna be in Beaumont.

I just have a few problems for anyone whose gone to a concert at a bar -- the place is called Scout Bar. Jen is 20, not 21; will they still let her in? Also, the site says it's be about $16-$20 to go, so I assume you pay at the door?

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[02 Mar 2009|06:59pm]
I haven't updated in awhile. I've been playing parasite eve 2 and digimon rumble arena 2. I went to Ikkicon awhile back as Aerith and Opera. I got a lot signed and saw a good Chris Patton panel. When we finally could go to hentai fest or better-- yuri fest, the lines were too long.

Were gonna try to go to Matsuri, but right now it's Sat only. We have to go for Crispin Freeman. So Jen and I went out yesterday and she got a large aisha plush and I got the new cheetor model. Playntrade had beast wars for ps1 complete so I snagged that.
I traded terranigma and persona 1 for a plethora of good games and I've been writing a ton.
I'm a little worried having dreamt about drug needles on more than one occassion...
It's cold ;-;
Anyone out there still reading this feel free to drop a line. The only reason I don't update much is all we have is an iPhone and shit reception for Internet. My computer got trashed so.. I'm not online as much.
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nightmares [02 Jan 2009|02:35pm]
I had some strange dreams last night and the night before.

The night before, Jesse was sick of the way people treated him and took it out on innocent Neopets goers. He was also hiding in our attic causing a rucus (probably caused from my real-life dealing with the mamoths upstairs). It was so upsetting in my dream that dream-me went crying to my mom about it.

Last night I slept from 1:30 to noon, so I had a long dream. At first I was at home. We have our elevator chained up since it got ruined during the storm. My grandparents were trying to fix it (before I knew that I kept trying to tell people to lock our non-existant screen door because a ravage fish would attack us-- Ive had several dreams of bad things trying to get into the house ranging from tornadoes, spiders, and evil dogs..) but I knew my grandpa would get hurt. (My grandpa here has been having difficulty balancing but overall in good health, the one in amarillo was recently put in the hospital, he has alzheimers really bad and my grandma hes married to is losing her memory too). Well I dont know what happened but when I came back my grandma had his body on our kitchen table covered with a seafoam green blanket and crying he was dead.

Later in my dream I was at some kind of fancy reception with Jennifer, we were at a table talking to someone. I want to say it was Tom Cruise, but >> Hell, I cant remember. I remember a lot of Angely smex too in that dream. I also remember something about me being upset and I remember my grandma pulling me aside and telling me that she heard I want to inherit her house and she was about to say she was giving it to me when I woke up.

Lately, on a slightly better note, Ive been playing Persona 2: Innocent Sin, SMT 1, and Neopet's Keyquest. =)
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Evangelion Movie liscensed in the US [01 Jan 2009|04:18pm]
... by Funimation.

Let's hope they get the original actors.
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[11 Dec 2008|02:45pm]
So Im still not over my cold. I logged 12 hours on P4 yesterday, the day I picked it up. Still working on it even though I had to backtrack a little.

Gonna do a New Game+ I love this so much.

Oh, it snowed yesterday. I got a few pics. =) The kids at the complex here were playing in the snow and made a crappy snowman. Apparently TX makes its snowmans through lumps instead of spheres. Yay.

ATLUS, not only did you send me out on the rainest day ever, you gave us Persona 4 and snow. <3 Sorry if Im too obscessed over the game to post at the forums =p
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[06 Dec 2008|08:52pm]
I have a horrible cold. My brother kept me up all night ignore the fact Jen and I stayed up til 1 AM playing KeyQuest and when I got some sleep I had a nightmare and woke up at 8 AM and he was still talking. On top of that, this cold. I thought Id have some joy when Atlus kindly invited me to play SMT: IMAGINE closed beta. Took forever to download and get to work; thanks to it I have virus protection =p

Did I talk about buying my 360 that I cant open til xmas? Well, minus Olie Bolie, I got all the xmas presents for everyone finally and Jen got me an Electric Lupe plush from Claire's. Now I'm waiting on the orange lupe plush soon. <3

KH:RE:COM is a little infuriating. I died on Jafar battle and have been too tired/breathless/stopped up in the head to play it.
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[05 Dec 2008|10:26am]
I finally got my 360 but I cant open it until xmas. I am trying to get a game for it before then lol We also got all of our xmas shopping done.

I was a little sad it wasn't backwards compatible, but I figure if I never wanted a xbox, theres nothing I need to be compatible.

I also got KHReCOM, its quite a bit harder than the GBA one. Axel kept kicking my ass which is just wrong.
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Stolen from Talindras [29 Nov 2008|12:38am]
Your rainbow is shaded brown and black.


What is says about you: You are a powerful person. You appreciate the roughness of nature. You may meet people who are afraid of you. You feel closer to people when you understand their imperfections.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.
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Onee more thing to add to my want list.. Thanks, SquarEnix [28 Nov 2008|06:12pm]

I was hoping for a Play Arts, but its a Trading Art.

I still have these to get:
CRISIS CORE Aerith PlayArts
FFVII Aerith Playarts
CRISIS CORE Aerith Potion Figure
FF POTION CAN Squall VS Sephiroth
FF POTION CAN Squall VS Ultimecia
FFVII PLAY ARTS WEAPONS Fairy Tale (I think this is one of Aerith's.. Would've preferred her final though.)


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[26 Nov 2008|12:59pm]
So, the second to last boss on Luminous Arc is SERIOUSLY pissing me off. I just can't get past it because there's no way to block charmed and no way to cause enough damage. Im probably just gonna cheat my way past it; its not worth leveling another 30+ on a strategy game.

On DDS2, Im stuck on the Heat-monster battle. It just annihilates me. I might have to grind and get Cielo to learn Zionga, and someone to learn Mediarama.

However, I just got Steambot Chronicles and really want to play it. The main character is like a chibi Yamato but less emo =)

I had a really kick ass dream last night (probably from staying up until 2 AM watching some movie about cold fusion and spies and russians). All I remember is my character Matthew being the main center and he had awoken in a factory (what stands out is him thinking "this makes sense now" and the fans with the shadows and it being dark). I also remember something about walking through... a house? A train? Im not sure, but it was me. I remember thinking something about Jennifer/Angel, too. Might use this in the book somewhere.

Also, I decided that Matthew will learn from ShindoW's mistakes, that even in death you cannot escape your mistakes in life.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. JonxColbert is awesome.

Really need to write a Digimon fic for some reason.
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[12 Nov 2008|11:54pm]
So I have bday monies; Grandma is sending $50 for me (shes getting kind of old and forgot my birthday ><;) so Im using that for Celga.

Seeing how similar my novel is to "Luminous Arc", I picked that up at Gamestop today along with my pre-ordered "Eternal Posion". :3

Im sad, cuz I want to preorder Luminous Arc 2 but it comes out in a few days and I dont have the money to pay it off right away. Im wondering if I should preorder, but I doubt they'll hold the bonus CDs past a week. ;( At least I can still get the game at some point.

I wrote about 6 pages on the beginning of my book and its going smoothly. We finally heard from Bill that my usb will be fixed sometime this week, so maybe my writing can be recovered. Jens PC has some of TPSC on it, like Chpts Ol1, 6, 7, and 8 or something, when its 1-14 chpts long so far.

I had my heart set on that 360 for Xmas.. unfortunetly, rumors are that tons of UTMBians were laid off, and Mom feels she is one of them. I doubt the uselessness that is Unemployment will send us enough to live off of. If we werent getting money for Stevie from the government, we'd barely make it after funds ran out in savings, Id say. Its a shame when the system is $170-$200... But then again, arent Wii's $150? >< Stupid Wii, why must your games suck right now and you be cheaper?

Once again, a very long day. My painting is frustrating me. Its Meloni at ShindoW's grave with ShindoW behind him; theres lots of snowy xmas trees and there was supposed to be a church but I kept screwing it up so Im not sure what is going there. But my compilation of Eve of Perception is working well; St. Matthew, the Goddess Kreeno VS Matthew the Witch, and now Meloni at her Grave.. its coming along well.
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[11 Nov 2008|12:19pm]
We probably can't make it to OniCon this year. Looks like we're going back to that hellhole called home before the con takes place. We could barely afford tickets so a room is out of the question.

I got $125 for my bday so far, no word from my grandma or dad though. Though Dad kinda got me a phone, so.

If I didnt have a game to get tomorrow and a $250 bill to pay, I'd save it for the RPGs coming out soon or Con or a next gen console.

I wont get a PS3 unless its backwards compatible. I just hate the idea of buying a system online unless its from a retailer. I doubt these are in stores at all.

I would get a cheap 360 online but Gamestop only sells the Core unit without a HDD. So, 360 Arcade is the best option.

I miss home, but I dread getting up at 5 am again. I like my extra hour of sleep. Also, why go home when there arent ANY jobs to go back to?

Jen and I are gonna rearrange my room at home. We're packing up alot and taking out alot of furniture.

I'm failing History.

Im really tired.
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[24 Oct 2008|05:44pm]
[ mood | drained ]

OMFG I have SO1 and Im already to the Van Kingdom cuz I played for 2 days straight.

I finally went up to the house today. The dunes are non-existant and what little are left has made a canyon out of the road; The house is the cleanest I've seen (underneath) since I was 4. Even our insilation is gone =) The fence and garden are totalled but not gone. The house got very very little water near the front door; so it must have been like literally living on the beach for a few hours. It was tiring but after a long day I got my internet hooked up here at the apartment. I think we'll be here until Xmas.

I am throwing a Halloween Party on the 31st. All my friends are invited but you need to be able to drive home and I can't have more than 2 more people spend the night; not that any of you will read this and show up. However, to fill you in on what is being wasted on Jesse and not you fine folks... We are making an Elphaba cake from Wicked; its basically her Defying Gravity look, broom and all if we can get everything together. Jennifer is baking the cake, icing ect, I am making Elphy's bust, arms, ect out of something similar to gumpaste. The cake will be pink (strawberry for Glinda) with green icing to hold it together with black icing covering the cake and black fondant for the cape. We're gonna watch horror movies; mostly really old ones.

I haven't been writing much but I've had quite a few ideas since we last talked; namely for ShindoW's angel form and her story. Since she is a suicide, I want to have Matthew, maybe Kreeno, awaken her from one of the Mind Forest's Suicide Trees. She is sentenced by the Angelic Commitee to have a gun permenantly in her right hand never to be let go-- it is bolted in as well as the fact that everytime she takes a shot, some of her blood is lost due to a tube connecting to the vein in her wrist. She also has undersized white wings. Later, at some point, when angels are revealed as the problem, ShindoW finds out and is thrown into a tank next to another tank with Kreeno's real body, which they had been hiding. The wings are ripped off until nothing but veins are lef, hanging off.

But back to SO1. I LOVE the game, REALLY LOVE the characters, but HATE the translation. Get this, they had the nerve to edit the cross in Cure All, but they left in a drinking scene, dogs pissing on your characters, ect. Let me express my sincerest deepest rage for this. They had the cross in Star Ocean 2; animated the exact same; that game had cursing and an E rating. I just don't understand it. I can just express my anger for that and many retarded NAME CHANGES: Ratix = Roddick, Fear = Phia, Marvel Frozen = Mavelle Froesen, Sylvarant = Silvilant, Amulet of Antivenom (aka Posion Check) = Amulet of Antivenin, and many other absurd changes. Let me keep note that they also kept the entire conversation about gods and why there is religion as well as talk about the demon world-- not to mention 2 characters with wings (angels aka featherfolk); but no fucking cross.

Can you tell I'm mad?

Thank you

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[15 Oct 2008|09:46pm]
Its been two weeks since I updated so I thought I should let everyone know me and Jen are in Khema and we're doing fine for now; we have a TV and high speed; I'm getting a cellphone in about a month. If anyone wants my # just call Jen's cell-- it hasnt changed, but we dont charge it often or its off. Leave a message, we'll get it eventually.

Turtle, inparticular do you have my DVDs? We passed by your parent's house, it looked okay.

Our garage and water heater are gone, but the house is still there, new door included.

Anyone's stuff I borrowed was taken with me so if anyone wants their stuff back email me or comment here or call Jens phone.

I dont know how many of our friends still read Livejournal, I'll try to hop on Facebook once or twice.

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[30 Sep 2008|11:57am]
So its Monday and still no apartment; its more of a drag than it sounds. I've been sleeping slightly better by stuffing tissue in my ears at night, but not by much. It doesnt help I've had lots of wierd dreams lately, including last night when I had a dream about Nar. I had explained to Jen earlier how if Nar had been a better person previously to meeting me, we might have gotten together; I dont deny there was a deep friendship at one point, for me, there still is a friendship, but the drugs and lifestyle have put a wedge between us for a long time. In my dream, a friend that taught me how to french kiss was stalking me -- now, this isnt the future-stalker-bf I almost had, its a different guy -- and Nar was protecting me the whole way. I remember being at my Grandma's house in the dream, I remember being at this restaraunt my family used to go to which is now partially gone in reality, but I would say that I need to work on End of the World again, just to get those feelings out from under my skin for once. It's like being stuck in time in a certain part of your heart -- I broke his heart, for good reason, but it doesnt mean I was heartless -- and thats why I was writing the book, more for him than anyone else.
I have yet to write a book solely for Jennifer, but Eve of Perception comes really close. Although there was going to be a lot about ShindoW and her parents in End of the World.
Anyway, Jen is out of the shower and I g2g, so I'll try to post again soon~
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[27 Sep 2008|10:27pm]
Okay, haven't been able to post in awhile so I hope people like Joyu, Trudy, Turtle, and Vanna are reading it.

I read all your comments from last time, even you Itachi. =)

First off, we aren't being turned into a Sanctuary like rumours said, even though Jen and I agree that would've been better off for everyone on that "armpit of the earth".

To update, my house was probably one of like 3 on the entire peninsula not damaged... much. The garage is gone, but it needed to be cleaned anyway. The downside: our un-used bowflex and our water heater is gone. There's talk that water heaters will be mandated to be in attics from now on. Like that's going to help much. Nonetheless, some lattice work on the stairs is gone, the garage is gone, and the elevator is fucked. But the house itself is doing okay. We got a beautiful brand new door that comes complete with a frame.

We were in Amarillo for a few days; not much really happened there, but I can say we're back in Beamont at my cousin's, but we will soon be in my Uncle's company-given apartment until furhter notice. I will try to get high speed, but we'll at least have dial up.

So they know: Jesse, Legato-sama, and Turtle. I got your stuff out when we originally evacuated so it is okay.

Finally, probably the worst news, Oni-Con 2008 was pushed back to DECEMBER 19TH - 21ST. I personally hate this change as far as Christmas goes, but it does give more time for costumes and reservations.

However, my costume maker is living somewhere completely different. I may just go as my own character even though I was looking forward to Lynx.

Anyway, its getting close to bed time so I am going to go for now. I am not sure when I will be able to get online again, hopefully soon.
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Im not dead, my house was intact, but my town is not [17 Sep 2008|09:46pm]
I cant say alot now but a lot has been going on.

Let me make this entry short and simple since we've been on the road for 7 hours today.

We evacuated.

People made fun of me for "packing the entire house", which consisted of most of my room that includes Jens stuff. Well... I showed them.

We evacuated to Beamont. There, I stayed with 9 other people (as well as 5 dogs of various shapes, sizes, and one dubbed "Psycho" and 3 cats (including Olie Bolie)) in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in the burbs. We had no power for 2 1/2 days. We got lucky.

We worried about our homes. Thanks to NOAA (sp?) website, we found out my moms house/my house and my aunts house are in tact. However, one house on our block was demolished by the storm. The rest of the peninsula as well as Galveston island were practically totalled. It looks like a bomb went off.

However, the rumor is; my town is being turned into a Wildlife Preserve. So no one is going back except maybe a day to reclaim what the storm didn't destroy. I think they are paying for the homes as well.

Finally, I am on my way to Grandma's. She lives in Amarillo. I've talked to Jesse, Jennifer is with me, and I've also talked to Turtle. Vannah gave us a call/text. So spread the word. I don't know how long me and Jen will be gone, but we will keep you all up to date.

Jen's having a rough time right now, so I need to go tend to her.

Leave comments so I know if you're alive or dead!
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[05 Sep 2008|01:44pm]
Angel's allergies were bad yesterday, so I made her homemade chicken noodle and hot chocolate and she felt better.

I picked up Odin Shere again and I really enjoy the game when I know what I'm doing; today I got a better handle on some of the less battle-centered things.

So, Sept 22nd we start saving for Oni-Con. =) Can't wait to go this year~ I'm hoping for figures, doujinshi, and apparel mostly. Oh, and Black Market Pocky Salesman. He's cool too. He always sneaks us the best food.

Pokemon Platinum was announced so I am holding off on playing Pokemon Diamond for a bit. There's not much new, its like Emerald or Crystal, more of an enhanced remake or expansion pack kinda thing, as usual.

School is okay. I finally got recognized by my art teacher for my good talent, but it only took him 2 semesters. I guess with Nicole out of the picture its easier to encourage me instead of ignoring me entirely.

I haven't slept perfectly the past few days, but I have been getting to bed earlier.

I've mostly been on GameTZ. I'm kinda sad to see my Digimon Community falling apart. I need to re-advertize it; <-- all help appreciated on promoting digimoncollect

If its not active, I probably won't update it anymore.
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[31 Aug 2008|12:54pm]
So, lots of news...

Tales of Heart was announced for Nintendo DS, but this was the first I'd heard of it. =p It's similar to ToD.

Cold is supposed to be back together and releasing the album we've been looking for at some point this Fall. There are photos on the site at $20 a peice, you can get it personalized, so I will probably do that :3

Since I helped Mom with her computer and then entered 93 Pepsi points for her, she will probably get me the Complete Oz Volume 1 and 2 I've been wanting, as well as the two hardcover Wicked books.
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