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Kitsus Die of Regret

~I threw away everything that I didnt need~

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My name is ShindoW. It originates from my nickname “Shindo” accidentally taking the place of “Shadow” the hedgehog. >.> I’m a 19 year old. I’m a lesbian. I’m taken; I have the most wonderful, beautiful, funny, and creative girlfriend in the world. Her name is Angel (katvara). And, no, I’m not just saying that. We’ve been together almost two years at the time of writing this (2006). I want to be a writer after getting a English major. I also like to do pen and pencil sketches. It’s realistic style with anime influences, mostly from the great artist Yoshitoshi ABe.

My Past

I had alot of friends, namely Krystie, Evin, Gabriel, Chevan, Brad, Chris, Jacob, Josh, Amanda, and Shane. We had a correlation with the Digimon Adventure characters, and since I've had a few complexes with protecting people and subconsciously not knowing the difference between what's real and imaginary, but I blame that on alot of personal stuff that happened. This was from 2000-2005 (?), or in other words "a really really long time". I won't go into it here, though, and spare you my emo-rants. Joyu-san was one of my better friends and I wrote a whole book dedicated to her. She's since let me go (she's growing up, I suppose) but although she's always a best friend to me, she doesn't see me the same way. She saved my life. I owe her a lot, and so the book TPSC is not only a story of me, it's a story of her struggling to be a friend with me. A story of how she inspires people.

Krystei is still a very good friend. We used to sit at the docks and talk about life, looking up at the sky. I'd try to crappily play the harmonica for her, too, while she ranted about boys. I'd listen, even though I wasn't into it. I was just being a friend for her. ^_^ I hope we can do that again someday. We're still in-touch.

Shane was like a little brother to me. He grew up, much like Takeru-chan did, and moved away. I haven't forgotten him (and his perverted ways XD) I once strangled Josh because he stole Shane's wallet. I still remember the teacher breaking us up.

Amanda and Gabby are the darkness.

My Present

Right now I have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world. She's funny and creative and her name is Angel-chan. She's very caring and insane to put up with me, but I love her. ^.^ I have a new group of friends like I used to have and since I've felt a little closer to everyone and have been grounded a little better to reality. I seem to slowly becoming more and more of a happy person, and that makes me feel better. I owe alot of it to Angel, but here's the list of current friends: Trinity (my Sis), Angel (my Love), Turtle (my beloved sister), Jesse-kun, Pirro/Pillow (woot, testosterone!), Vanna-Vanna (Quistis!), and the Goddess Okaasan (Kreeno). I've got a couple others, but they come and go: NaR, Brent (my Big Bro), Samus (my Lil Bro, like Shane was), Tweak and her sister DooM.

I'm in college now, about to be my second year. =) Going on three years with Angel-chan. After college is done and we have stable careers I hope to get married to her.


I love anime. I think my favorites are Digimon Adventure, Evangelion, and Haibane-Renmei. I'm a poor Yamato fangirl, I will say that. >> I think he's the most inspirational character on the planet, as I've never been able to so easily write or relate to anyone as much as I have with Yamato. Angel and I are big Jyoumato fans (but Mimato, Taito, Yamakeru, and Yamaken are awesome, too.) I really love Law and Order: SVU, especially Elliot (Ell-san). He's just the perfect father figure. ^^

I'm really into psychological thrillers (want to impress me, find something to blow my mind with), but I also love drama and some level of comedy. If you don't laugh, you aren't living, I guess.

My favorite people are Stephen King, Satoshi Kon, David Koepp, Kurdt Cobain, Yoshitoshi ABe, Kevin Bacon, Edgar Allen Poe, and Tom Cruise. (no matter what anyone says)

My favorite books are Angel Sanctuary, Death Note, Hamlet, Heavier than Heaven (a Kurt biography), The Last Wolf of Ireland, Superstitious, and the Animorphs series.

My favorite movies are movies like Donnie Darko, Vanilla Sky, SAW, Perfect Blue, Secret Window, ect.

Music that I'm into is grunge, rock, alternative, classical, and country. I don't like much rap music save Eminem. I like Nirvana, COLD/Witch/Grundig, and J-Rock.

My favorite anime are Death Note, Evangelion, Hiabane-Renmei, Paranoia Agent, stuff like that.

My favorite games are Star Ocean 2, Lunar 2, Final Fantasy VII & VIII, Chrono Cross, and Kingdom Hearts.

Hobbies are drawing, writing, video games.

Anything else?

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